Meet Ifunanya, The Snail Farmer

Ifunanya Okeke, also known as Marriet Ify, is an agriculturist in the field of snail farming sales and distribution.

“I carried out snail farming research project while in school and started the self practical training during my service year. Recently started the breeding and reading of Snails for market purpose.”

She is inspired by the likes of Aliko dangote who grew and benefited from Agriculture.

Speaking on the project that served as a confidence booster, she says, “I was part of a Non-Governmental Organization, “Elohim foundation” that is focused on empowering youths. As a creative writer, I got inspired and made a publication in their magazine.”

“This has made me understand that I can achieve whatever I so determine to. Today, I not only see myself as a writer, public speaker but also as a farmer and achiever.”

Now, she is open to agricultural grants, writing contest and publishing grants, script writing trainings, women entrepreneurship programs and workshops. She also desires to be a part of impactful outreach programs as a volunteer worker.

She believes knowledge dissemination on the importance of being empowered, skills training and acquisition, start-up grants and equipment are good ways to empower the youths. “The youth should then be introduced properly into the market/business to ensure continuity.”

Connect with her via

Instagram: @marrietify

Facebook: Sernamarriet Ifunanya

Culled from The Spark Magazine.

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